Letter from the President - Ian Bayley

Dear Vice Presidents

Spring is here, the grass is ……………. and now is the season of our glorious ascent ……..: to mix Bard and ballad. In other words, it’s that time of year when Clive and colleagues are putting the final touches to the ground, Swyncombe Cricket Club members are rousing from their hibernations and girding their loins for the battles to come, and my President’s letter is now dropping onto your mat in the hope that we can again, this year, count on your invaluable support that keeps this quintessential English Cricket Club flourishing in the heart of Oxfordshire.

And flourish we do, not only in terms of preserving one of the most popular clubs in the vicinity attracting ever increasing numbers of players of all ages -you will know why I speak with feeling to that – but which, by being so welcoming to all makes, Swyncombe more than just a place to play cricket. I think you will agree that the unusually high frequency of home games, brought about by the quality of our ground adds interest colour and a vibrancy to many of Summers’ Sundays. Last season fulfilled its early promise and turned out to be one of our most successful in recent years: it’s a high bench mark but one we are determined to match this year.

As always, the ground stands centre stage. You will be aware of Jake’s fencing efforts which will save aggravation all round combined with Clive’s untiring toils to keep the ground up to the highest standards and worthy of its place as part of the warp and waft of Swyncombe.

You will recall from last year’s letter, our ambition to continue improving the ground and the club’s facilities so as to advance our twin goals of maintaining the ground patently as the attractive living entity that it is and at the same time to further develop the club’s facilities so that we will continue to attract the players younger, and older, that make Swyncombe the quintessence of village cricket. To that end, I alluded to my ambition to develop a 5 year rolling plan of improvements. We are quietly moving this forward, having agreed a shopping list and have set in train preparation of a flyer in which we will try to capture the essence of the club and Swyncombe.

I am acutely aware that it is your annual generosity that covers our ongoing revenue and capital needs and we continue to depend on that. But don’t worry, the aim of the flyer will be to pull funds in from far and wide for some bigger ticket items such as ground maintenance equipment for Clive as his current stuff expires etc. etc. I’ll write again when we have the flyer completed, together with the shopping list so that you will be kept well informed. If you have any suggestions as to outside bodies we might approach it’d be great to hear of them.
In the meantime, our first game will be at home on 5
th May against Oxford United Hospitals. Do please pop over, we’d love to see you to chat and thank you for your support.

With all best wishes

Ian Bayley