Letter from the President - Ian Bayley

Dear SCC VP's

Seldom can the phrase “we live in interesting times” have rung so true. If at our end of season dinner anyone had been asked to put a bet on the world of 2020 being so topsy turvy, I guarantee there’d have been no takers. And now we learn that the magnetic north pole has finally moved from Canada to Siberia and is heading east at tens of kilometres a year. The world itself is being turned upside down: anyone want to bet on pole reversal happening in our lifetime?

Fortunately, your cricket club is made of less shifting sands and we are all clamping at the kit to be let out to play. Anyone doubting the cricket junky culture of our players would certainly have been disabused by our Swyncombe WhatsApp feed. I’ve posted one of Jaylan’s clips to Peter’s phone as an example and asked him to forward to our VIP’s WhatsApp feeds. It will lighten your day.

Click the Video Link to see Jaylan in Action



Inevitably of course the outgoings for the club’s basic running costs have not fallen off any cliff and are still very much extant. I am hoping therefore that, notwithstanding the state of the economy, we might over again count on your amazing and constant generosity to support us through 2020. I have taken the liberty of appending the Club’s banking details below and, as always, if you prefer, you may wish to send a cheque to Peter drawn in favour of Swyncombe Cricket Club.

Last year I wrote about our ambition to generate a “flyer/mini brochure” about the Club in order to try to grow a more widely flung fund raising endeavour. Mark and I presented an exemplar of this at the October Club dinner – which, incidentally, I thought was one of the best yet. The “flyer/mini brochure” is just awaiting final sign-off which we will do when this infernal lockdown lifts. We can then get on with the project that hopefully will raise oodles and oodles of finds to grow the club going forwards over time.

Any suggestions you might have as to possible target audiences – corporate or individual – would be really welcome.

Just to top and tail “matters arising”: the arrangements for the spring cricket tour to the West Country were well advanced when lockdown kaiboshed them. But we will resurrect this next year and will keep you informed in the event that you may want to join us as a travelling supporter: you’d be really welcome. The same goes for my President’s Shield competition, which I mentioned at the dinner. The season has become too squashed up to introduce it this year but it will be on the fixture list for 2021.

I hope all this is of interest. It just remains for me to thank you once again for your outstanding support and to say we look forward to seeing you of a Sunday as and when the season can actually begins.

With best wishes

Ian Bayley FRCS
SCC Club President