Letter from the President - Ian Bayley

Dear Vice Presidents

I fear this Presidential letter is later than is customary, particularly as Swyncombe have already played their first match of the season. Despite being occupied at a conference in Madrid, and cringing at Arsenal’s demise in the Europa Cup, my thoughts were very much back in the wonderful setting of the archetypal English Village Cricket Club that is forever Swyncombe.

First though, I know I speak for everyone in wishing to thank our outgoing Club President. Ian Lewis’ support during his presidency from 2012 to 2017 went far beyond the call of duty and cannot be adequately recognised. Suffice to say all Communities need their Ian Lewis’s of this world. Legendary was his 2013 rendition of “got to take a wicket or two”.

So it was not with a little trepidation, but also a great deal of pleasure and sense of responsibility, that I accepted the invitation to be Swyncombe’s next President. To be honest, since the day of my youth playing for White Waltham C.C. as a medical student my soul has been in England’s Village Cricket. It is unique in the world and the essence of and heart of what cricket is.

So, this letter is about saying “hullo”; it’s about saying I’ll work my butt off to the best of my ability for our club.

I’ll write again about this and that – not least about the amazing efforts of Clive in creating playable pitches against the odds of the elements: can anyone at Lord’s rival this man – as we go through a season in which we have been refreshed and reinvigorated by the injection of brilliant talent such as that of Ty, rightly voted player of the season by the players. How can we possibly not thrash Nettlebed.

So much has been achieved, ranging from the introduction a couple of years ago of the bowling machine and more recently and mundanely – but no less importantly – “Clive’s new shed”. I shall certainly be hoping for your continued support but I intend to formulate a proper “Five year plan”. So if I ask you to keep your hands in your pockets for the moment please don’t be fooled; I shall be asking you to withdraw them, dripping with dubloons soon enough.

The point is, Swyncombe is a fantastic club that attracts young talent for all sorts of tangible and intangible reasons. As your president I shall do my best to build on Ian Lewis’ legacy. In the meantime hold the front page.

Best wishes

Ian Bayley