Letter from the President - Ian Lewis

Dear Vice Presidents

I hope this letter finds you well and just about to enjoy some warmer Spring weather. I confess that I am writing to you a little later this year. I put this down to my increasing years and slowing brain, or maybe the jet-lag that seems to have become a constant in my life for now. Anyway, the first ball of the new season has already been delivered and thwacked through the covers and into the new hedge.

I am writing to ask you to continue to support the Club as a Vice President for this season by making a donation to its upkeep. The Club survives only by receiving generous donations from local residents like you as well as the dedicated voluntary work of a number of people. We will as always use your donation wisely.

Last season was more challenging for the team with less wins than in previous seasons – a ‘mid-table’ position. Never happy with that kind of outcome, our dedicated Clive Goodall has spent his Winter studying Leicester City FC’s march towards Premier League success. He has also re-read Claudio Ranieri’s 2004 blockbuster book ‘Proud Man Walking’ for inspiration to motivate the team to greater things during this season.

Vice Presidents and cricketers too gave a wonderful innings of ‘500 hedging plants, not out’ to create the new hedge along Church Road. Splendid. I understand that special thanks go to Nigel ‘Docker’ Payne for being the person who actually knew what he was doing and for facilitating stumping and mulching.

If you look closely of an evening and if you are lucky, you may see Clive G with his spanner in hand somewhere around the side of the shed; oily rag at the ready. He will (of course) be tinkering with the sit-down roller that was purchased last year to enable him to sit-and-roll rather than be dragged unceremoniously around the pitch on foot. An additional smaller storage shed is high on our wish list this year to help Clive overcome the ‘sliding tile puzzle’ challenge he encounters every time he wants to gain access to or put away an item of equipment (just like your own undersized garden shed).

A full fixture list is available at
www.swyncombecc.co.uk , the club website. We are always keen to recruit new players so if you fancy rubbing down and oiling up your bat (Clive can help with this) or if you know somebody else who wants to play, please let us know. We would love to see you as spectators at our matches too; a cool beer in hand as part of a warm summer’s early evening walk.

I have taken the liberty of enclosing a reply envelope for any 2016 donation you may be able to provide to the Cricket Club. Please contact Peter Regent if you would like to talk about the Club at all.

Finally, I would like to thank Clive and all associated in the running of the Club for their hard work. Good luck this season!

Thank you for your continued support. I look forward to seeing you over the Summer.

Best wishes.
Ian Lewis, President.