Letter from the President - Ian Lewis

Dear Vice Presidents

The daffodils are about to bloom, the ‘Six Nations’ has reached a climax and the President of Swyncombe Cricket Club is writing to you. This must mean that Spring and joyfully bright weather are on their way now.

The purpose of my letter is to give you a brief update on last season and to ask you to continue to support us as a Vice President of the Club for the coming season by making a donation to its upkeep. The Club survives only by receiving generous donations from local residents and the dedicated voluntary work of a number of people.

We would spend your Vice President donation wisely. Last year, donations allowed us to continue the battle to keep the square and the outfield in reasonable condition. You may have noticed that the cold weather has now brought moles to the surface of the outfield and so we will have to deal with this before the season gets underway.

Our 2012 season was interesting. Despite serious concerns this time last year over how we were going to water the wicket in the drought conditions, we were very much looking forward to tackling much stronger opponents in new fixtures. Expectations were high and we were steeled for the challenge. Then it started to rain.

The weather had an enormous impact on our season with half of all fixtures cancelled. It was a struggle to gain momentum and to put out a consistent team. Match fee takings were down as a result of the cancellations. I am however proud to tell you that your cricket team played well in those matches that did take place; winning half of them against that stronger competition. We also retained the Ron Vines Cup in a victory over our local rivals Nettlebed. So we look forward to the 2013 season with great anticipation.

We continue to find ways to attract players to the club and we have purchased practice nets and a bowling machine so that players can practice for matchdays. I will be monitoring the expected uptick in batting averages this season. On the subject of players, if you know someone of any standard who would like even an occasional ‘knock’, please put them in touch with us.

You are always welcome to pop across to the pavilion for a cup of tea or something a little stronger. We would very much like to see you. Also, call me or Peter Regent if you would like to talk about the Club; we’d like to hear your views.

Happy Easter.

Yours sincerely,

Ian Lewis