Nettlebed AWAY

Swyncombe end the season unbeaten ……. just!

Nettlebed won the toss and put Swyncombe in to bat for their last match of the season. Jack and Ryan Latter bowled an excellent line and length in their opening spell keeping the runs to a minimum. Goodall went in the 8th over when trying to hit Ryan Latter over mid wicket, but the ball couldn’t beat Challis, who took an excellent catch. Domnick patiently built an innings partnering briefly with Collins and then Hope who both went cheaply off the bowling of Challis, until his innings came to an unfortunate end, as he slipped on the damp surface and pirouetted on to his stumps, after hitting the ball down to fine leg. When Swyncombe have needed an innings steadying this year, the patient batting of Hunt has usually provided the stability, partnering with Trinder, Johnston and then Percival Swyncombe eventually reached 116 for 6 off their 35 overs. Based on the conditions and their experiences during the season Swyncombe were confident of defending the low total and continuing their unbeaten season.

Swyncombe bowlers knew they had their work cut out and Hope delivered a wicket maiden in the first over, taking the wicket of R Simmons, caught at mid-off by Regent. Partnered by Trinder the opening spell of 8 overs only yielded 9 runs for Nettlebed. Collins and Johnston took over the attack and Collins took the important wickets of P Simmons and Young. The early wickets exposed the young Nettlebed bowling attack who offered resistance but few runs and as the match went into the last 10 overs Trinder and Percival bowled excellently under pressure, picking off wickets and leaving Nettlebed a total of 10 runs off the last over with only one wicket remaining. The Nettlebed opener Vockins still remained having batted well for 55 and with Butler an injured Nettlebed opener, batting at 11 facing the inform Hope the match could go either way. A short first ball was dispatched for 6 and Hope now needed to bowl the most accurate 5 balls of the season. A rushed 2 runs left Nettlebed requiring two runs for victory off the final ball. Butler drove the ball to silly mid off and a scrambled throw missed the stumps and allowed Nettlebed to tie the match.
Swyncombe’s second tie of the season left them undefeated both at Home and Away in 2011.

The last match of the season also delivered the final lovingly prepared Dot Ackerman tea. Dot spent her childhood years in Swyncombe, later residing in Nettlebed. She has seen young players grow up and watch their own children play and eat her teas over a period of over 30 years. Her teas will be missed by us all.


C Domnick, hit wicket, b R Corbett..... 34
C Goodall, c M Challis, b R Latter ..... 7
P Collins, c R Latter, M Challis ..... 5
S Hope, c R Simmons, b M Challis ..... 5
N Trinder, b C Young ..... 11
I Hunt, not out ..... 28
S Johnston b L Vockins ..... 4
J Percival, not out ..... 6

Extras ..... 16
TOTAL ..... 116


R Simmons, c Regent b Hope ..... 0
L Vockins, not out ..... 55
P Simmons, b Collins ..... 12
C Young, c Johnston b Collins..... 15
P Latter, b Hunt .....3
M Bryant, run out ..... 6
R Latter, c Regent b Hope ..... 0
J Latter, run out ..... 0
M Challis, c Domnick, b Percival ..... 0
R Corbet, c Hope, b Trinder ..... 0
M Butler, not out .....12

Extras ..... 13
TOTAL ..... 116