Moulsford AWAY

Swyncombe spin twins top Moulsford

Swyncombe won the toss and decided to field in the sunshine at Moulsford. After a quick breakthrough by Collins in the 3rd over, subsequent Moulsford batsmen were happy to conserve energy by hitting numerous 6s and 4s and Moulsford reached 76 for 2 off 14 overs. The total could have been significantly higher, but for an outstanding fielding performance by Johnson, who consistently stopped many well timed balls heading for certain boundaries and culminated in a magnificent 30 yard bullet throw to run out Allen who put in a dogged defence at the crease. As Swyncombe swapped pace for spin, wickets started to fall in quick succession and the afternoon sun dried up the Moulsford runs to a slow trickle. The spin twins of Vines and Goodall both took 3 wickets each for a combined total of 24 runs and reduced Moulsford to 109 all out.

Swyncombe’s middle order and tail was not needed today after good batting performances from Domnick, Hunt and Johnson. The patient early batting was rewarded with numerous boundaries in the middle overs, allowing Swyncombe to run down the Moulsford total with 6 overs and 7 wickets in hand. The win continued Swyncombe’s unbeaten start to the 2011 season.


S Coleman, b Collins ..... 2
J Stephens, b Hunt .... 25
A Allen, run out ..... 23
J Coleman, c Joynes, b Bailey ..... 21
B Goss, b Goodall ..... 5
P Hopkins, b Vine ..... 12
M Singh, c Hunt, b Vines .....0
A Moss, lbw Goodall.... 2
T Moss, b Goodall ..... 0
O Smith, b Vines ..... 2
P Gilmore not out ..... 4

Extras ..... 13
TOTAL All Out ..... 109

Best bowling S Vines 3-10  Goodall  3-14


C Domnick, b Hopkins ..... 34
C Goodall, c Coleman, b Hopkins ..... 4
I Hunt, not out ..... 41
P Collins, lbw Moss ..... 1
S Johnson, not out ..... 16

Extras ..... 16
TOTAL  ..... 112

Archery Taveners HOME

Swyncombe’s tail sliced down by Archers!

Having travelled this land through heavily leaden skies, Swyncombe welcomed the Archery Taveners for their annual trip to the Chilterns. A London team started by three university friends nearly 40 years ago, travelled from as far north as Lake Windermere and as far south as the pebbly beaches of Brighton, for this keenly contested affair.

Swyncombe won the toss and decided to field. The “three stooges” of Hunt, Collins and Henderson were in no mood to trade runs for wickets and saw off the Taverners opening four batsmen for 42 runs, all three eventually finishing with a brace of wickets. The Taverners middle order dug in and good batting performances from Newby and J Bungard took the visitors past 100.  A good all round performance in the field, including two full length diving catches, numerous  boundary slides and 2 wickets for Goodall pinned the visitors back to 137 all out.

After tea the Taveners opening bowlers Brook and Derpear were also in no mood to give runs away. 5 maidens in the first 8 overs meant Swyncombe openers needed to wait for the first bowling change to put some runs on the board. Domnick partnered with both Goodall and Henderson for his 56.  By the time the 4th wicket fell Swyncombe had put themselves in a strong position needing  31 runs to win, with 6 wickets in hand and enough time as 10 overs remained. However, the Taverners spinner duo of Bungard and Gibson had other ideas. With an archers accuracy they sliced through the tail of the Swyncombe batting order. As the 9th wicket fell Swyncombe needed 2 to win. Poised on the edge of their seats the Swyncombe team held their collective breath as Bayley blocked his first ball, but nudged the second for a single and, a huge sigh of relief swept over the Swyncombe team as a draw was certain. The very next ball Bungard took his 5th wicket and Taveners 6th caught and bowled wicket to tie the game on 137 runs each. This only went on to prove that  “Cricket was the only and real winner today”.


N Brainbridge, b Hunt ..... 0
C Carroll, c Holder, b Hunt .... 5
M Hobbs, c Domnick, b Collins ..... 24
M Brook, c Regent, b Henderson ..... 8
R Newby, lbw, b Goodall ..... 38
D Kirk, b Goodall ..... 8
J Bungard, c Henderson, b Vines .....25
A Bungard, b Henderson ..... 0
R Gibson, ran out ..... 8
N Blythe, lbw Collins ..... 0
B Derpear not out ..... 0

Extras ..... 21
TOTAL All Out ..... 137
Best bowling I Hunt 2-10


C Domnick, c&b A Bungard ..... 56
C Goodall, st Blyte, b J Bungard ..... 14
B Henderson, c&b Gibson ..... 18
I Hunt, c&b Gibson ..... 10
P Collins, b Gibson ..... 18
S Johnson, b A Bungard ..... 0
T Bayley, c&b A Bungard ..... 6 P Regent, c&b A Bungard ..... 1
S Vines, b Gibson ..... 6
N Holder, not out ..... 2
I Bayley, c&b A Bungard..... 1

Extras ..... 5
TOTAL ..... 137

Best bowling A Bungard 5-19, Gibson 4-27

Ewelme AWAY

Ewelme Fizzle in the Drizzle

The Swyncombe openers made patient progress off some good early bowling by Carter and Jackson. It took a change of bowler in the 15th over to get the initial breakthrough with the inform Domnick being bowled for 28. Wickets continued to fall but Hope batting at three was in the mood to stick around on a gloomy afternoon and put on a good 6th wicket partnership of 80 with Collins to set Swyncombe on the course to a respectable total. Hope had the opportunity to complete his century with the final ball of the innings but could not find the boundary for the 17th time and a hurried single left him on 97 not out and Swyncombe on 188 for 8 off the allotted 35 overs.

Swyncombe wished they had opted for wet weather gear as the English drizzle came down after tea, but they put on a dogged fielding display in difficult conditions. Hunt and Trinder worked well in partnership and took the first four wickets cheaply leaving Ewelme 45 for 4. Early Swyncombe pressure could not remove the patient batting display by Ewelme’s opener Wright until a change of pace saw Day claim his wicket for 41. Well rested after his innings Hope picked up three wickets for 11 runs until Matthews batting at 9 decided boundaries were the only option. A quick fire 30, including five 4's brought respectability to the total before Matthews was caught behind off the bowling of Collins, who picked up the final two wickets ending Ewelme’s innings on 124 all out.


C Domnick, b Timms ..... 28
C Goodall, c Howard, b Wood ..... 23
S Hope, Not Out ..... 97
N Trinder, lbw Timms ..... 10
I Hunt, cb Wood ..... 0
P Collins, b Simpson ..... 21
P Regent, b Simpson ..... 1
K Domnick, c Carter, b Matthews ..... 2
N Holder, run out ..... 0
S Vines, not out ..... 1

Extras ..... 5
TOTAL (8 wkts) ..... 188
Best bowling Wood, 2-18


C Wright, b Day ..... 41
B Wood, b Hunt ..... 0
A Climpson, lbw Hunt ..... 7
B Strudley, lbw Trinder ..... 11
A Glasson, c Hunt, b Trinder ..... 7
R Howard, b Hope ..... 8
D Timms, b Hope ..... 4
J Wood, c Domnick, b Hope ..... 0
R Matthews, c Domnick, b Collins ..... 30
A Carter, c Domnick, b Collins ..... 3
Jackson, not out ..... 1

Extras ..... 12
TOTAL All Out ..... 124
Best bowling S Hope 3-11