Highmoor AWAY

Swyncombe Continue Season Unbeaten

Highmoor won the toss and elected to bat, on a firm, well structured wicket, that might remind some of us of a rather young Chateaux Eschazeaux: tasty and you can appreciate that it is firm, but could do with a bit more time to soften out and achieve its fullest glories. This was to be a physical and eagerly contested match, where both sides put full-bodies on the line in defense of runs, but where a 5 prong pace attack won out over a slower more steady line up.

Wells and Taylor put on a steady opening partnership of 63 – coincidently a good year in Port country – Hope and Hunt coming up against some rather staunch defensive nerdeling. A slow start for Highmoor off of their first 14 overs: no more that 3 runs per over, except the one where Hope went for 12. A change of bowling brought some tricky left arm swing from Johnston, and from the 20
th over of the game, in cahoots with Collins from the other end, these two bowlers made way through Highmoor middle order, five wickets falling over five consecutive overs: Wells caught by Hope for 15, bowled Johnston; Lovelock’s off stump taken by a 1er Cru Jaffa from Collins; Maul, caught & bowled, Johnston; Stephens, caught in a remarkable low catch by Hope at tight mid-wicket, bowled Collins; Mayers, caught behind by Domnick, bowled Johnston. Classy like Champagne.

That rampage brought Harris into the game, batting at number 7, and rather in the style of an Australian Shiraz: big, brash and upfront, but getting along with a remarkable amount of the dishes being served up at the Jerk BBQ. Taylor and Harris proceeded to put on a rather more urgent 54. That was Hunt’s call to do a little more than gardening at third man, as he proceeded to take down the opposition’s boundary fence. Taylor was soon caught & bowled for an unfortunate 49 by Trinder, who also had Saunders wicket, caught by Johnston (in the deep and over the shoulder), for a duck. Harris’s Shiraz innings eventually fell to Hope’s insistence for a wicket in the last over before tea, caught & bowled for 41, setting Swyncombe a chase of 137 runs total.

Swyncombe set about the target with aplomb after a notable tea. Goodall was first to go – run out for 19. Domnick followed – bowled by Mayers for 17. Hope and Trinder then proceeded to put together a partnership of 80 runs, taking Swyncombe to a match-winning position. Hope hit 57 in emphatic style and was joined by Johnston for a cameo of 4 runs when Trinder took one too many, run out for 39. Mayers was the most notable of Highmoor’s bowlers, with good line and length balls off a short run.


G Wells, c Hope, b Johnston ..... 15
T Taylor, c&b Trinder ..... 49
O Lovelock, b Collins .....1
G Maul, c&b Johnston ..... 0
D Stephens, c Hope, b Collins ..... 0
A Mayers, c Domnick, b Collins .....1
I Harris, c&b Hope ..... 41
S Saunders, c Johnston, b Trinder ..... 0
P Choules, Not Out ..... 0
D Potter, Not Out ..... 1

Extras ..... 28
TOTAL ..... 137 for 8


C Domnick, b Mayers ..... 17
C Goodall, Run Out ..... 19
S Hope, Not Out ..... 57
N Trinder, Run Out ..... 39
S Johnston, Not Out ..... 4

Extras ..... 2
TOTAL ..... 138 for 3

Many thanks to Tim for his Match Report

Nettlebed HOME

Swyncombe Win the 2011 Ron Vines Cup

Swyncombe have finally claimed the Ron Vines Cup for the first time in the 5th Year of this annual competition between the two neighbouring sides.

Swyncombe lost the toss and were asked to bat. Nettlebed’s opening bowling cousins Ryan and Jack Latter applied good early pressure, with Jack taking the wicket of Goodall in the 4th over. This brought Domnick and Hope together who skillfully built a partnership of 95, before Hope was superbly caught by M Challis at Mid wicket, off the bowling of Vockins. Domnick carried on for an additional 5 over’s, eventually be caught off the bowling of Challis for 74 runs. The wickets of Trinder and Hunt fell cheaply and Nettlebed’s confidence started to grow. As Johnston and Collins met in the middle, both knew runs were urgently needed if Swyncombe were going to set a defendable 40 over total. Nettlebed were set a total of 170 runs to win after an expensive last over costing 17 runs.

Nettlebed knew that patiently seeing off the opening Swyncombe bowlers and building a steady total was crucial to maintain their 100% record in the cup. The game couldn’t have been more finely balanced with Nettlebed matching Swyncombe 78 runs after 24 over’s. The only thing Nettlebed hadn’t planned on was Domnick reserving his inform bowlers for the latter stages of the match. Thrifty bowling from Hope and Trinder slowed the run rate, which was followed by Johnston and Collins ripping through the Nettlebed batting line up, eventually taking 7 wickets for 9 runs in 4 overs. Nettlebed eventually relinquished their hold on the cup as the last wicket fell in the 31st over on 102 runs.


C Domnick, c R Latter, b M Challis..... 74
C Goodall, c C Young, b J Latter ..... 2
S Hope, c M Challis, b L Vockins ..... 30
N Trinder, c&b Vockins ..... 0
I Hunt, b M Challis ..... 8
S Johnston not out ..... 6
P Collins not out ..... 21

Extras ..... 28
TOTAL ..... 169

Best Bowling M Vockins 2-28


R Simmons, b Collins ..... 40
M Butler, lbw Hunt ..... 15
D Mue, c&b Trinder .....1
L Vockins, c Collins, b Johnston ..... 28
C Young, c Hope, b Johnston ..... 2
P Latter, Run Out .....0
M Bryant, b Collins ..... 0
R Latter, b Collins ..... 0
J Latter, b Collins ..... 0
M Challis, b Johnston ..... 0
D Challis, not out ..... 0

Extras ..... 16
TOTAL ..... All Out 102

Best Bowling P Collins 4-8, S Johnston 3-16

Vines Cup History

The Ron Vines cup was founded in 2005 in memory of Ron Vines who was a lifelong cricket fan, farm manager of Ewelme Estate and Chairman of Swyncombe Parish for many years. His four sons all played for Swyncombe and Nettlebed and Ron’s grandchildren have all followed in his love of cricket.

The extended Vines family spans many South Oxfordshire teams and have appeared across many decades in the Henley Standard weekly honor role with bat and ball.

Sonning Common Village HOME

Swyncombe march on with Hope

Swyncombe enjoyed a confident win over Sonning Common Village with Sam Hope delivering with bat and ball. Swyncombe took the first wicket in the 3rd over with an excellent catch in the covers by Henderson off the bowling of Hope. A double change of bowlers in the 9th over saw Henderson and Collins pickup the attack. Henderson’s canny variable paced balls kept his victims guessing and was rewarded by the vital wicket of Pitson in the 11th over, with Collins bowling Gallimore two overs later. This brought the opener Cooke and Welsh together who forged a good partnership of 56 and were starting to up the run rate when Collins bowled Cooke on 55. Runs slowed and Sonning Common eventually ended their 35 overs, setting Swyncombe a target of 123 runs for victory.

In the 4th over Goodall edge a ball only to hit the Sonning Common wicket keeper on the helmet, but good reactions at slip had him caught off the bowling of L Gallimore. Unfortunately for Sonning Common this brought together Domnick and Hope who went about building a match winning partnership of 77 runs. After Domnick fell to C Gallimore on 37 runs, Cann gave Sonning Common some encouragement with two cheap Swyncombe wickets, leaving Swyncombe on 85 for 4. For the second week in a row Trinder took to the crease bullishly partnering with Hope to secure the Swyncombe win.


H Cooke, b Collins ..... 55
M Cann, c Henderson, b Hope ..... 1
C Pitson, b Henderson ..... 10
C Gallimore, b Collins ..... 0
A Welsh, b Hope ..... 23
P Barker, b Henderson ..... 7
D Mee, b Henderson ..... 0
L Gallimore, not out ....... 7

Extras ..... 19
TOTAL ..... 122

Best Bowling

B Henderson 3-24, S Hope 2-25, P Collins 2-18


C Domnick, ct behind, b C Gallimore..... 37
C Goodall, ct behind, b L Gallimore ..... 3
S Hope, not out ..... 65
B Henderson, lbw, Cann ..... 0
T Bailey, b Cann ..... 0
N Trinder, not out ..... 8
Extras ..... 13
TOTAL ..... 126

Best Bowling M Cann 2-18

Crowmarsh HOME

Swyncombe dig in to beat Crowmarsh

Swyncombe won the toss and elected to field with a strong 7 man bowling attack. Hope took the first wicket in the 3
rd over when he bowled Keeble for 8 runs, before Hunt added the wicket of Strange in the 10th over. A change in the bowling saw Collins take the wickets of Keeble and Crowther, both lbw in consecutive balls. Collins missed his hat trick but Crowmarsh were reduced to 33 for 4 wickets. The remaining Crowmarsh batsmen offered little resistance to some good bowling and with 6 different Swyncombe wicket takers Crowmarsh were all out in the 27th over for 76.

Crowmarsh understandably disappointed by their batting performance were fired up at the restart and left Swyncombe reeling on 3 for 10 off the first 4 overs. Like a mirror image of Collins for Swyncombe, Fanstone had an opportunity for a hat trick in his second over but again failed to convert. Both opening bowlers, Fanstone and Crowther finished their allotted overs with figures that would usually win matches and after 14 overs of which 7 were maidens, Swyncombe were 26 for 4 wickets. Hope steadied the batting with all his 20 runs coming from boundaries and then Trinder partnering Collins and Hunt doggedly ran down the Crowmarsh total in the 21
st over, finishing on 23 not out.


R McGuiness, cb Johnson ..... 20
A Keeble, b Hope ..... 8
C Strange, b Hunt ..... 7
D Keeble, lbw Collins ..... 5
G Crowther, lbw Collins ..... 0
R Grey, b Collins ..... 0
J Fanstone, not out ..... 8
G Garth, retired hurt ..... 0
E Grey, b Henderson ..... 4
D Sadler, c Collins, b Henderson ..... 0
B Grey, c Holder, b Trinder ..... 1

Extras ..... 23
TOTAL All Out ..... 76

Best Bowling P Collins 3-7


C Domnick, b Crowther ..... 0
C Goodall, b Fanstone ..... 0
S Hope, b Crowther ..... 20
B Henderson, b Fanstone ..... 0
N Trinder, not out ..... 23
P Collins, b Keeble ..... 6
I Hunt, not out ..... 3

Extras ..... 26
TOTAL ..... 78

Best Bowling J Fanstone 2 -9